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At Informatics, YOU matter. Incoming senior high school students, senior high school graduates or incoming college students, college transferees, second course applicants, and foreign student applicants, Informatics College welcomes you home at the Informatics community.

At Informatics, we ensure that our new international students adapt to the culture and learning environment with ease. We are here to provide guidance and assistance to all international students applying to study in Informatics.

Here, we value working class who wish to pursue their bachelor’s degree. Thus, a flexible class schedule is being offered for working students to make it convenient for them to attain their bachelor’s degree in their most convenient time.

Returnees and Transferees must report to the Registrar’s Office to process the necessary clearance and documentation before they will be allowed to enroll. Acceptance shall depend on the available slots in their respective course and year level.

Freshmen and Senior High School Applicants are to follow the basic enrollment procedure provided below. All applicants are to submit the requirements upon enrollment.

Requirements for

(*) Additional Requirements for Students from Private Schools

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Requirements for

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Enrollement Procedure

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